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You often read about entrepreneurs coming up with a million dollar idea over a couple of beers. That is not us. You often see best of friends getting together to start a company, pondering over different business ideas. Close, but not quite.
We came together because we all faced same problem, and thought of providing a solution to it. Fyndal.com is a panacea for all of us, who in the past have experienced that locating the right store where the desired product is available, is time consuming and at times tiresome.)
CIN : U72200DL2014PTC267764
Date of Incorporation : 02/06/2014

Our Objectives

Mobile Application Development, Mobile Site Development, Website Development, Web application development, social media application development, social media marketing and online reputation management to provide a common web platform for physical and online stores for checking the real time availability of any kind of product along with its price & quantity at any physical store and/ or online store.
Media applications and digital platform/agency offering a Mix of web designing & web development, search engine marketing, internet advertising /marketing and e-business/ e-commerce/m-business/m–commerce consultancy and providing specialized advertising and marketing services for the digital space for delivering services.
To provide training in the form of Internships, Workshops, Lectures, or Coaching related to any filed be it IT sector or non IT sector and to carry on all types of education related to science and technology and training courses as designed by the Company itself or the courses as carried on by any Company in India or outside India by obtaining the franchisee from them.

Our Products


Fyndal.com is a platform, which aims at bringing stores and customers closer, and assist buyers to locate the store in which the desired product is available on real time basis. The goal is to re-engineer supply chain to make shopping easier, more efficient.


Triple-S Software & Education Services Pvt. Ltd.

With extensive learning over Java we keep in mind that the student is able to develop the basics and foundations of the course well. Step by step we focus over every student and there understanding of the language.
Here in Triple-S our Moto is to lead our Students to acquire expertise in all the various aspects of Java and its application in the Industry.


Samar Kant Mathur


Abhishek Verma

Technical Director


Front end coders

People who love to work at the creative end with extensive knowledge over HTML, CSS, JQuery, JAVA are welcome. Please apply at info@fyndal.com

back end developers

Coders who find themselves the best fit for the languages like Python (Django), MongoDB and have experience over them for a period of time can be a part of our backend talent team. Please apply at info@fyndal.com.

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